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I started to dabble in apothecary in 2010 after finding out I have osteoarthritis and suffer vitamin and mineral malabsorption. This means my body does not absorb enough through the natural way of eating.
Pills would not help as they don’t dissolve quickly enough, so what was I to do? Eat healthier, slower and more naturally.
Where would I get these vitamins and minerals from and how would I use them to their maximum benefit? Nature and whole foods seemed to be the answer. Spices and herbs are packed with vitamins and minerals and easily absorbed and I learned that one works better with another if combined.
Also body creams that had vitamin E, herbal essential oils magnesium and MSM in would be to my benefit as the skin is the largest living organ we have that is so capable of absorption in amazing ways that benefit our health.
So began my quest to live a healthier life and not die of organ failure at a young age.
I have and still continue to search and research ingredients that have amazing benefits for us humans using organic, home grown where and if possible.
Using natural preservatives as well as chemicals and preservatives in our every day foods and beauty products off the shelf are slowly killing us as they are scientifically proven to promote cancer and Alzheimer’s and a multitude of other diseases prevalent in today’s society compared to the past.
I have been blessed all my life in creativity and innovative ideas and have always loved creating art, furnishing, upcycling and repurposing (we only have 1 earth and we need to look after her) so have a look through my leisure hammocks and swings, bespoke items of furniture and ottomans, footstools and handcrafted household items.
Nothing better than relaxing in a hammock swing after a hard day’s work, glass of wine in hand and your man beside you.
It’s like a vacation in a swing.